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About Kayo's Kennels

When you buy a puppy from Kayo's Kennels, we'd like you to know a few things about our philosophy on raising dogs. We make every effort not to sell to "puppy mills", and if you fall into this category, we would appreciate is if you would not contact us to try and buy our puppies. Our pups are raised in an environment where there is more than enough room to play.

The parents of our pups are socialized by having contact with the other dogs continually, and by having daily contact with our children, grandchildren and us, so that they are quite accustomed to human and canine companionship and not left alone in small spaces to become sulky and depressed.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

We make certain our dogs have a good life, and want to sell our puppies to people who will continue that tradition. Although we have some champion in our bloodlines (we do not show dogs), we believe the primary purpose for buying a registered breed of dog is to ensure that certain genetic characteristics of temperament, body build, talents, and personality will be built with your companion and friend. We are also aware that each pup is a individual that is affected by the environment he/she is raised in, and the type of relationships with others they enjoy.

Therefore we offer a high standard of breeding and a healthy loving environment so that a puppy you obtain from Kayo's Kennels comes with a foundation that you can build a solid and lasting friendship off of.

All of our puppies come with a pedigree, vaccination and worming records up to date, guarantee, and AKC registered papers.